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CVSSD Online Training

CVSSD training is located on Workday Learning (WDL). To access this training, you must first create a free WDL account. These instructions (English) (Spanish) will help you set up your account and finding courses

Crime Victims’ Compensation Training

Crime Victims’ Compensation Primer »
Learn how to explain CVC to victims and survivors and help them apply through the CVC Portal.

Crime Victims’ Compensation Applied »
Review hypothetical situations to determine if a person and/or an expense is covered by CVC.

Crime Victims’ Compensation for Child Advocacy Centers »
Learn about how families who are seen at your Center may benefit from CVC.

A Note for CVSSD Grantees:
All grant-funded staff must attend CVSSD-sponsored Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) training at least once every four years. They must complete this training within the first six months of employment. Grant-funded programs must ensure that all direct service staff receive training on CVC. For all grantees except Children’s Advocacy Centers: Please complete both the Crime Victims’ Compensation Primer and Crime Victims’ Compensation Applied courses. For Children’s Advocacy Centers: Family Advocates must complete the Crime Victims’ Compensation for Children’s Advocacy Centers course.

Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) Training

Address Confidentiality Program »
Learn about Oregon’s Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) and how to determine when it’s a good resource for a victim or survivor.

Completing this training is one of the requirements for becoming an ACP Certified Application Assistant. Find out more about the certification process on our ACP Certified Application Assistant page.

Civil Rights and Grants Training

Civil Rights and Grants »
Learn about the civil rights obligations for CVSSD grantees.

CVSSD grantees are required to complete this training.

Completing Your PMT Training

Completing Your PMT »
Step-by-step instructions for completing a reporting on the Performance Management Tool (PMT).

CVSSD grantees who receive VOCA funding are encouraged to view this training.

Commitment to Access

CVSSD is committed to providing accessible materials and programming across our division.

In Workday Learning, CVSSD has tried to create training to meet the needs of all our learners.

Our courses have closed captioning, and we supply transcripts upon request. Additionally, we offer alternatives for completing the final exams.

If you experience issues accessing one of our courses, or if you would like to request help or an accommodation, please email

If you have questions about CVSSD training, call or email CVSSD at 503-378-5348 or

Other Training Sponsored by CVSSD

Non-Profit Directors Training

This training and networking event is required for all non-profit organizations that receive funding from CVSSD. The training focuses on helping non-profit leadership to strengthen their programs and improve their ability to manage their grant funds. The training also provides information to help programs improve services and increase access to services for victims and survivors in Oregon. We welcome executive directors, financial staff, and Board of Directors of CVSSD-funded non-profit organizations to attend.

For more information on the next training, please visit the CVSSD’s Training Highlights page or email

ODAA Victim Assistance Track

The Victim Assistance Track is part of the annual summer conference hosted by the Oregon District Attorney’s Association (ODAA). Attendance at this multi-day training and networking event is required for all directors of District Attorney-based victim assistance programs that receive CVSSD grant funding. Agendas vary year by year.

For more information on the next training, please visit the ODAA website » or email

MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) Day

MDT Day is required for key MDT members. MDT Day is generally held every other year. Agendas vary. The training focuses on improving MDT functioning.

For more information on the next training, please email

Oregon State Victim Assistance Academy (SVAA)

The SVAA’s basic academy offers foundational training for people who are new to supporting crime victims. Advanced academy topics vary based on the needs of those with experience supporting victims.

For more information, please email or visit the National Crime Victim Law Institute website ».