Crime Victim Compensation (CVC) Restitution Process

The Crime Victim Compensation Program understands that each county may have slightly different practices, and would like to work with you to improve the restitution process between our programs and help with any obstacles that you may experience.

Please contact the Compensation Manager, Christy Simon, to provide feedback or information that may be helpful to CVC.

Notification of hearings: Please notify CVC on all upcoming changes of plea/sentencing or restitution hearings as soon as they are scheduled. This is critical so that our program can begin processing bills that are pending in the claim. If a hearing is set over or cancelled, please notify CVC as soon as possible. Please send hearing notifications to

Restitution request: CVC will send an updated restitution request each time a payment is made on a claim. This request is sent to the email that has been provided by each County. Please be sure to notify CVC if this information needs to be updated. Providing a designated email that restitution requests can be sent to is most helpful. If you need an updated restitution request or need to update contact information, please email .

If CVC has additional bills that are being reviewed for payment, please look for the box below that will be marked on the restitution request:

  • CVC has additional payments pending, please consider leaving restitution open at the time of sentencing.

Subpoena: CVC must receive a subpoena to testify in a restitution hearing. It would be helpful to know why restitution is being contested and if there is any additional documentation that we can provide to support CVC’s restitution request prior to the hearing. If a CVC representative needs to attend the hearing, please send a subpeona as soon as the restitution hearing is set to allow sufficient notification time. Please provide contact information for the DDA handling the case and send subpoenas to

Hearing attendance: CVC will request to attend by phone or virtually whenever it is an option.

Judgments: Once restitution has been ordered, please send a copy of the judgment to

CVC will send notification: When an advocate is listed on the application and there is a criminal case, CVC will email the listed advocate once the application has been approved. This is an opportunity for the advocate to upload any crime-related bills/receipts they have received from the victim.

CVC Payment Process: It can take up to 60 days to make a determination, when CVC can start processing payments. We will request that restitution be left open so these payments can be included in CVC’s restitution request. We always obtain information from providers to confirm services are crime related.

• If the victim has insurance, CVC pays patient responsibility.
• If the victim does not have insurance, and the medical provider accepts CVC payment, the program will pay at the following rates:

Medical: Oregon Workers Compensation fee schedule
Ambulance: 75% of the billed amount.
Dental: 90% of the billed amount (Oregon Workers Compensation fee schedule).
LOE: 75% of gross wages (CVC does not cover LOE for medical appointments or attending court hearings).
Counseling (based on licensure):

• MD $160/hr.
• PhD $130/hr.
• LCSW/LPC/LMFT $105/hr.
• QMHP $75/hr.

If additional information is needed to show a causal connection between the crime and reasonableness of services, CVC can provide payment receipts. These documents provide the service type, name of the provider, billed amount, insurance payment and adjustment or fee schedule imposed by the program. If there is not an exemption in place (domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault or the victim is a minor) CVC may be able to provide additional documentation.

Just a reminder that ORS 137.103 declares the Criminal Injury Compensation Account as a victim entitled to restitution. ORS 137.106(1) states “the district attorney shall investigate and present to the court, prior to the time of sentencing, evidence of the nature and amount of the damages.”