Trafficking Response & Intervention Program

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    A Comprehensive Statewide Response to Human Trafficking

    The Trafficking Response & Intervention Program (T.R.I.P.) was created in Spring 2015. The goal of the program is to develop a comprehensive statewide response to human trafficking that encourages cooperation and coordination across state and local agencies. The Program assists counties and tribal communities in developing the necessary infrastructure to identify trafficking victims, provides training and technical assistance for law enforcement and community partners, and assists with the development of victim service programs for human trafficking survivors.

    Contact the T.R.I.P. Team

    Trafficking Response & Intervention Program (T.R.I.P.) Team

    Amanda Swanson, Human Trafficking Intervention Coordinator
    Alhena Herrera, Labor Trafficking Specialist
    Kaitlyn Hardy, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Human Trafficking Program
    Letetia Wilson, Trafficking Intervention Specialist

    For Help Finding Resources
    Human Trafficking Resources for Juvenile Justice

    For Help Finding Resources or to Learn More

    National Human Trafficking Hotline

    National Human Trafficking hotline Get Help Report Human Trafficking Human Trafficking Information & Resources

    Trainings offered:

    Understanding and Addressing Sex Trafficking (UAST)
    An Oregon-specific introductory sex trafficking curriculum that builds awareness and gives community groups and service providers specific calls to action. The UAST includes stories from trafficking survivors through videos from The Life Story to highlight the risks, vulnerabilities, and impact of sex trafficking.

    Indicators: Recognizing and Responding to Sex Trafficking
    Indicators teaches participants to recognize indicators of sex trafficking in minors and take initial steps to respond. This includes reporting suspicions (when appropriate) and continuing to provide services, regardless of whether the survivor discloses trafficking.

    Roadmaps: Understanding Sex Trafficking Through Survivors’ Stories
    Roadmaps is a simulation learning activity used to increase awareness and understanding of sex trafficking in Oregon. Roadmaps is a tool used by facilitators to engage with service providers who work with survivors of sex trafficking. The activities in Roadmaps reveal some of the barriers that survivors encounter. They also provoke participants to think about how their own practices and policies can help or hinder a survivor’s exit from sex trafficking.

    To request a training please reach out to your community task force or email

    Train-the-Trainer Workshop Series are offered for UAST, Indicators and Roadmaps. If you are interested in participating in a Train-the-Trainer, contact