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Civil Protective Order Support for Victims

The Oregon Legislature established the Hope Card Program in 2021 in House Bill 2746.  The purpose of the Hope Card is to:

  • Create a convenient wallet-sized card that a petitioner can use to provide information about their protective order to law enforcement, employers, landlords or schools, and
  • Provide law enforcement with quick access to relevant information about a protective order.

Hope Cards contain the following information:

  • Name of the petitioner (victim/survivor)
  • Name and date of birth of the respondent (the person who is restricted from making contact with the petitioner)
  • Court case number
  • Date the order was issued
  • Date the order expires
  • Names of additional persons protected by the order
  • Any other essential information about the protective order

How Do I Apply for or Renew a Hope Card?

To apply to the Hope Card Program:

  1. You must first have an active civil protective order. You can find forms for Oregon’s civil protective orders . Each county and tribe have different processes for obtaining a civil protective order. Contact an advocate for assistance requesting a civil protective order. Organizations that provide assistance with protective orders by county:
    County District Attorney Victim Assistance Programs»
    Shelters, Advocacy Programs and Legal Assistance »
  2. Apply for or renew a Hope Card by visiting the Hope Card Portal. There you will create an account by registering for the portal. This will take you to a page that has an option to apply for the Hope Card.
  3. A Hope Card can be renewed if your order is renewed with the same order number. Since the Hope Card Program will not be notified by the courts of a renewal, please inform the program of a renewal through the application page. A new card will be issued.
  4. You may request a replacement card, if that becomes necessary. If you get a new protection order, you have the option of applying for a new Hope Card.

Do I have to pay for a Hope Card?

No, there is no cost for you to apply for or receive a Hope Card.

Where can I find help with requesting a protective order or applying for the Hope Card?

An advocate can help you request a protective order and/or apply for the Hope Card. You can find contact information using either of the links below.

County District Attorney’s Office Victim Assistance Programs »
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs »

How can I provide feedback about my experience using the Hope Card?

Oregon law (ORS 24.190) and federal law (18 USC § 2265) require that civil protection orders that meet Full Faith and Credit standards be upheld wherever you are in Oregon. The Oregon DOJ Hope Card Program invites your feedback regarding your experience with enforcement of protection orders and/or the use of the Hope Card. Please use the Hope Card Survey to share your experiences. This can be found by logging into the CVC Portal where the survey is located by link at the top of the page.

How can I contact the Hope Card Program?

Hope Card Program staff work with applicants and participants by phone, fax, email, or postal mail. If you choose to write using the mailing address below, please include your contact information so we can reach you.

Hope Card Program
1162 Court St NE
Salem, OR 97301

Phone: 503-986-6768
Email: HopeCard@doj.state.or.us
Fax: 503-378-5738