Enforcement of Crime Victims’ Rights

Every crime victim in Oregon has rights. If your rights are not honored, there are ways to enforce them. One option is through a formal judicial process. Another option is to file an informal complaint with the Oregon Department of Justice.

The Formal Judicial Process

To begin a formal judicial process, you, a district attorney or a victims’ rights attorney must file a motion to the court using one of forms below:

Note: There are timelines associated with the filing of a motion with the court. Please see ORS 147.515(1) » for more information.

The Informal Complaint Process

To file an informal complaint with the Oregon DOJ, please contact:

Crime Victims’ Rights Program
Oregon Department of Justice
1162 Court St. NE
Salem, Oregon 97301-4096

Toll-Free: 1-800-503-7983

Email: CVSSD@doj.state.or.us

Note: Some crime victims’ rights must be requested before you exercise them. For more information, please see Requesting your Rights as a Crime Victim.

For more information on the history of crime victims’ rights enforcement please see the Attorney General’s Task Force on Victims’ Rights Enforcement page.