CVSSD Complaint Process

Most victim services programs receive funds from the Oregon Department of Justice/Crime Victim and Survivor Services Division (DOJ/CVSSD) to support and serve crime victims and survivors in Oregon. Both DOJ/CVSSD and these programs want the best for victims and survivors. If you wish to file a complaint about a victim services program, we encourage you to start by contacting the program directly and following their complaint process, however, this is not required.

For contact information, please see the program’s website or contact DOJ/CVSSD for that information.

For support, please feel free to talk with the DOJ/CVSSD Complaint Coordinator (Phone: 503-378-5348). We will problem solve with you, even if you do not want to file a formal complaint.

DOJ/CVSSD can only act on grant agreement violations. These may be problems with things like discrimination or not providing appropriate services. DOJ/CVSSD cannot act on unsigned complaints or workplace problems.

You may make a formal complaint to the DOJ/CVSSD Complaint Coordinator by filling out this complaint form in as much detail as you want or can. In order for DOJ/CVSSD to look into your complaint, you will need to complete and sign release of information forms that allow us to disclose information to and obtain information from the victim services program. Some programs’ confidentiality requirements do not allow them to talk with DOJ/CVSSD without a signed release.

After receiving your complaint, DOJ/CVSSD will look into your complaint. We will share the information you have given us with the victim services program. We will ask the program to share relevant information they have about your complaint with us. If the program receives victim services funds administered by another agency, DOJ/CVSSD may work with them to look into the complaint.

There may be complaints DOJ/CVSSD can do nothing about. However, we will do our best to contact you to discuss your concerns. As soon as possible, the DOJ/CVSSD will tell you and the victim services program, in writing, about the outcome.

The full complaint procedure can be found here: CVSSD Complaint Procedure (PDF)»

Here is the CVSSD Complaint Form .