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Helpful information for Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) staff members assisting children and their families with Crime Victims' Compensation (CVC).

Please make sure to provide CVC with any updates to contact information. This is important so that CVC is able to obtain reports and billing information.
For immediate questions – please reach out to

New CVC Benefit (effective with applications received 8/1/23)

Lost wages for a parent or guardian of a minor victim when providing care for the victim while they are healing from the abuse. The award amount is up to $5,000. This benefit does not include intermittent leave for doctor appointments

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CVC Portal »

CVC and Payment for Forensic Interviews

We can pay for forensic interviews conducted by a qualified CAC-based interviewer(PDF)»  if any of the following occurred:

  • The child was seen for concerns of sexual abuse.
  • The child was seen for concerns of physical abuse.
  • The child made a clear disclosure of sexual or physical abuse.

We pay 80% of the provider’s usual charge.

CAC No Signature Billing Form

When you cannot obtain a signature from the applicant, you can submit the CAC no signature billing form if:

  • applicant is the possible offender,
  • applicant/victim refuses CVC services, OR
  • DHS has temporary custody and cannot sign the CVC application as the guardian.

The “CAC No Signature Billing form” is available through the CVC Portal under “File an Application.” The form includes instructions that will help you fill it out.

Do not submit any personal identifiable information including explanation of benefits forms, bills, or other such documents. Use only their account number and initials. Use only an account number that would change based on the date of service.

CVC Portal

The CVC Portal will allow you to check the status of the application, request information from CVC, and upload documents. If you submitted the application under your own login, no one from your organization can view it until a claim number has been assigned. Your organization may want to use a generic login so that every staff person can see all applications submitted.

Please note that part of the import process includes an auto generated email to the staff member who submitted the application letting them know they can now upload documents.

Setting Up Your Portal Account

  1. Visit the CVC Portal registration page» .
  2. Use your agency email address and choose “CAC” as your role.

The CAC Tutorial (PDF) » includes helpful information about using the CVC Portal.

Experiencing technical difficulties using the CVC Portal? Request help at

CVC Training

Where can I find CVC training?

All CVC trainings are web-based. You can access them at your convenience. If you have not already done so, please complete the following training:

You will need a Workday Learning account to complete this course. Use these instructions (PDF)» to create your Workday Learning account.

Once you’ve completed the course, download, or print your training certificate for your records. We recommend that you take the training every two years so that you have the most current information.


For questions related to the Compensation Program, please email

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