2019 Non-Profit Directors’ Training Materials

This training and networking event is for executive directors, financial staff and board members of CVSSD-funded non-profit organizations. The training focuses on building organizational capacity for successful stewardship of state and federal grant funding. The training also covers relevant topics that inform non-profit organizations’ delivery of services to victims and survivors in Oregon.

2019 Non-Profit Directors’ Training – Agenda | Speaker Information | Workshop Descriptions

Location: KEIZER CIVIC CENTER | Driving and Parking Directions | Keizer Restaurant Map

Plenary Session: Safe Housing for Survivors – A National Perspective, by Kris Billhardt

Plenary Session: Underserved, Marginalized & Oppressed Communities and Tribal Nations: Identifying Service Gaps, by Benjamin Bradshaw

Plenary Session: Promoting Equity and Access: Strengthening Collaborations with Culturally and Population Specific Programs, by Renee Kim

Workshop: Beyond Compliance: Understanding the “Why” Behind the Requirements of a CVSSD Grant Agreement, by Marjorie Doran

Workshop: Creating Safe Housing Options for Survivors: Emerging Practices and Strategies, by Kris Brillhardt

Workshop: Credibility as  a Central Tenet to Sustainable Advocacy, by Caroline Olfert, Rebecca Peatow Nickels, and Johanna Costa

Workshop: Developing and Strengthening Organizational Policies to Improve Practice, by Kim Larson

Workshop: Financial Controls for Small Non-Profits, by Lottie Zorn

Workshop: Non-Profit Governance, by Susan Bower

Workshop: Protecting Survivors’ Privacy Rights, Confidentiality, and Privilege: Guidance for Executive Directors, by Debra Dority

Round Table Resources: Collaboration Between Tribal Nations and Community Partners, by Desiree Coyote

For more information, please contact Christine.P.Heyen@doj.state.or.us and Amanda.L.VanTil@doj.state.or.us