Oregon Department of Justice

Attorney General's Task Force on Victims' Rights Enforcement

During the 2009 legislative session, the Department of Justice proposed and the Legislature enacted Senate Bill 233 - landmark legislation that allows crime victims to uphold their constitutional rights in a court of law. The Attorney General’s Task Force on Victims’ Rights Enforcement was also created to develop legislative recommendations to further improve the protection of rights granted to victims of crime in Oregon.

The Task Force is committed to full implementation of Victims Rights as embodied in Oregon law and continues to focus on improving service delivery and providing consistent enforcement of rights. Three sub-committees of the Task Force continue to meet regularly and report to the larger group - Juvenile Justice - To identify crime victims’ rights in the juvenile justice system, develop a best practices model for implementation, and create a training model for sustainability; System Practices - To ensure that victims’ rights will be clearly and consistently understood by crime victims and that crime victims have every opportunity to fully exercise their rights through a best practices model; Immigrant Crime Victims’ Rights - To ensure that foreign born victims of crime are informed of their rights and to identify areas for improvement in system practices.

For more information please see a brief history of the Attorney General’s Task Force on Crime Victims’ Rights or contact Helen O'Brien at 1-800-503-7983 or cvsd.email@doj.state.or.us.

AG Task Force Membership:

  • Cliff Bacigalupi, Portland Police Bureau
  • Hon. Bradley Berry, Yamhill County District Attorney
  • Rosemary Brewer, Oregon Crime Victims Law Center
  • Debra Bridges, Yamhill County Victim Assistance Program
  • Juliet Britton, Oregon Psychiatric Security Review  Board
  • Marc Brown, Office of Public Defense Services
  • Dana Carelle, Yamhill County Juvenile Department
  • Mark Cotter, Oregon State Police
  • Kimberly Dailey, Oregon Judicial Department
  • Hon. David E. Delsman, Linn County Circuit Court Judge
  • Steve Doell, Crime Victims United
  • Matt English, Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association
  • Meg Garvin, National Crime Victim Law Institute
  • Dennis Holmes, Department of Corrections
  • Stephanie Hoskins, Oregon DOJ Crime Victims’ Services
  • Jeff Howes, Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office
  • Jeff Kosmicki, Oregon Association Chiefs of Police
  • Kim Larson, Marion County Victims’ Assistance
  • Deborah Martin, Oregon Youth Authority
  • Helen O’Brien, Oregon DOJ Crime Victims’ Services Division
  • Denise Pena, Multnomah County Department of Community Justice
  • Michele Roland-Schwartz, Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force
  • Chanpone Sinlapasai-Okamura, Marandas & Okamura LLP
  • Shannon Sivell, Oregon DOJ Crime Victims’ Services Division
  • John Stein, International Organization for Victim Assistance
  • Scott Taylor, Multnomah County Dept. of Community Justice
  • Hon. Rod Underhill, Multnomah County District Attorney
  • Michael Wu, Oregon Board of Parole & Post-Prison Supervision

The AG Task Force meets at:

Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
4190 Aumsville Highway
Salem, OR 97317

Upcoming AG Task Force Meetings:

  • July 31, 2017
  • October 30, 2017

Previous AG Task Force Meeting Minutes: