Roadmaps: Understanding Sex Trafficking Through Survivors’ Stories

Content warning: Please be aware that the story cards include descriptions of sexual assault, child sexual abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence, gang violence, gun violence, pornography, self-harm, suicide, homicide, and drug use.

Although participants are meant to experience Roadmaps in a facilitated, in-person setting, we have included the materials electronically for you to review them asynchronously. We recommend these steps when reviewing the activity:

  1. Read the Roadmaps Overview.
  2. If you have not experienced the “In Her Shoes/ In Their Shoes” activity, consider viewing this video on YouTube that shows how it works. Roadmaps will be facilitated in a very similar way, and this background might be helpful when trying to envision how it is intended to work.
  3. Review the facilitator’s guide.
  4. Review the story cards for each of the seven characters. The individual story cards include hyperlinks that allow you to follow a specific path in the story. We recommend following a path instead of reading the cards sequentially (i.e., page 1, then 2, then 3, etc.). As time allows, you can read the story again. When you come to decision points, try to choose options that you did not select before.

We have supplied all materials in a PDF format to preserve the formatting. You can suggest edits or make other comments on the PDF itself or in a separate document.

The Roadmaps Toolkit Includes: