Post-Conviction Victim Advocacy

The Oregon DOJ’s Post-Conviction Victim Advocacy Program helps crime victims understand and know their rights, learn about process, find resources and gain access to ongoing legal actions.

PLEASE NOTE: Our staff cannot provide any legal advice or answer any legal questions. This includes providing information about filing for post-conviction relief or an appeal.

If you need legal assistance the Oregon State Bar Lawyer Referral Service may be able to help match you with an appropriate legal representative. For more information please call toll-free in Oregon at 1-800-452-7636.

Helping Crime Victims Know Their Rights

In most criminal cases, the guilty verdict is only the beginning. Many cases continue on through layers of appeals or are revisited at parole and psychiatric review hearings.

As a victim of crime or a family member of a crime victim, you have rights in the legal proceedings after conviction and sentencing. One of them is to stay informed or involved in your case as it proceeds through the post-conviction process – if you want to be – and we have Victims’ Advocates available to help. Find a Victim Advocate near you.

Compensation Benefits for Victims in Post-Conviction Process

If you are a victim with a case proceeding through one of the many stages of the post-conviction process, there may be some additional benefits available to you:

  • Compensation for out of pocket counseling costs related to any new trauma created by these legal actions
  • Travel reimbursement when attending one of these hearings

These benefits are available within six months of each post-conviction action. Before applying, please talk to a victim advocate about eligibility.

Apply for Post-Conviction Compensation Benefits (PDF) »

Contact Us

If you are a victim of crime and would like to assert your rights in the post-conviction process, please contact the Post-Conviction Victim Advocacy Program at 503-378-4284 or