Community Conversations

Community Conversations

Conversaciones Comunitarias 2020

What Gets in the Way? LET’S TALK ABOUT…

  • Your experiences with institutional racism and implicit bias
  • Oregon’s new hate crime law
  • How Oregon DOJ can engage with your community

The time for meaningful change is now. Help open pathways to justice & support for populations impacted by inequity in Oregon.

Dates, Times, and How to Connect

Sessions are intended for participation and input from folks who identify in the specified populations.  All are invited to attend, but please reserve input and speaking time for those folks who identify in the specified population.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Session: Thursday, August 20, 2020, 1-3pm
Click here to join with video: »
Or dial in by phone for audio-only: 1-669-254-5252
Meeting ID (needed for online and phone participation): 160 429 7747, Password: justice
ASL interpreters and closed captioning will be provided. Session will be hosted in Zoom for Government, which is slightly different than Commercial Zoom. Updated instructions for access are now posted.


If you require an accommodation to participate in this virtual community conversation or have any questions about participation, please contact Ben Bradshaw:

Please identify the session(s) you will be attending and the accommodation you are requesting.  Closed captioning, ASL interpreters, and spoken language interpreters are examples of accommodations that can be provided upon request.  Please submit your requests for accommodation no later than four (4) days prior to the session you wish to attend.

Privacy, Security, and Logistics

  • Sessions will not be recorded. However, all chat and email submissions are recorded, saved, and may be subject to public records request laws.
  • Any participant may be anonymous if they so choose. For those logging in online, you may choose to participate with or without your video, name and/or organization spelled out on the right side of the screen. You can choose to call in anonymously (dial *67 before dialing the Zoom phone number) and you will be identified only as Caller 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • It is important to us that we make these conversations a safe place to share and accessible to communication going both ways.
  • No registration is required. We chose not to require registration for sessions to protect your privacy.  We do not know every person participating in each session.  However, for your and everyone’s emotional safety, our host has the ability to immediately expunge from any session any person engaging in hate speech or showing hate images, and they will be permanently barred from the session.  Please contact Jennifer Lawrence at with any questions or concerns regarding this process during the session.
  • All sessions will begin with all participants on mute. This is because we are anticipating many attendees, and this will help reduce background noise.
  • Each session will be an open conversation where we will openly discuss a number of topics. We ask that if you would like to speak that you raise your hand in the chat room. (Instructions will be reviewed at the beginning of each session for how to do this.)  When we call on you, we will unmute your audio to share with the group, and then mute you when you are finished sharing.
  • Please say your name (“This is Ben or “This is a participant”) every time you speak to the group. This is for the benefit of those participating over the phone and those relying on ASL interpreters.