Law Enforcement Bias Response Toolkit

Law Enforcement’s response to victims of bias crimes and incidents is of the utmost importance. The tools you use—your language, knowledge, demeanor, cultural competence and humility, resources, referral cards, and documentation—impact both the well being of the victim and the success of your investigation.

Our Bias Crimes and Incidents Law Enforcement Response Toolkit provides you with:

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Hate and Bias Crimes: What you need to know about Investigations, Prosecutions and Victims

June 23, 2022, Law Enforcement, Prosecutor, and Systems-Advocate Training Materials:

If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please contact Johanna Costa, DOJ’s Bias Response Coordinator at, or Fay Stetz-Waters, DOJ’s Civil Rights Director at, or call our Civil Rights front desk at 503-378-6324.

Bias Response Training – Request Form

The Oregon DOJ Civil Rights Unit provides training for law enforcement agencies on bias response (hate/bias crimes, bias incidents, working with federal partners, helping victims, and more). We can come to you or provide a virtual training. Please sign up below if you are interested.

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    Bias Victim Referral Pocket Card – Order Form

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