Law Enforcement Bias Response Toolkit

Law Enforcement’s response to victims of bias crimes and incidents is of the utmost importance. The tools you use—your language, knowledge, demeanor, cultural competence and humility, resources, referral cards, and documentation—impact both the well being of the victim and the success of your investigation.

Our Bias Crimes and Incidents Law Enforcement Response Toolkit provides you with:

  • Law Enforcement Bulletin – A general overview of the new Bias Crime law and law enforcement obligations under the new law.
  • The New Law – A link to the full text of 2019’s Enrolled Senate Bill 577.
  • Law Enforcement Supplemental Report Form – A form to supplement your narrative report, guiding law enforcement through a bias investigation, including tracking targeted class(es), identifying evidence, tracking bias indicators, and more.
  • Law Enforcement Bias Incident Documentation Portal – An easy-access web portal for law enforcement personnel only to document bias incidents. Either upload your report or Supplemental Report Form, or respond to 13 quick questions to report bias incidents to the DOJ Statewide Bias Response Hotline.
  • Bias Victim Referral Pocket Card – A resource card with scannable QR code to provide to victims to help them report to the Oregon Bias Incident and Hate Crimes Hotline.
  • Bias Response Law Enforcement Pocket Card – A reminder card for law enforcement with scannable QR code (to our website!) to help you respond on scene at a bias incident or bias crime.
  • Suggested Language for Law Enforcement Responding to Bias Incidents and Crimes – A review of helpful language and demeanor tips to use when interfacing with victims of and witnesses to bias.
  • Qualifying Local Victim Services – Coming soon! A list of local community-based agencies that provide trauma-informed, culturally responsive support to bias victims.

If you have any questions, please contact Johanna Costa, DOJ’s Bias Response Coordinator at, or Fay Stetz-Waters, DOJ’s Civil Rights Director at