Law Enforcement Toolkit

We know that law enforcement seeks to protect all community members in Oregon so that individuals and families can live healthy, safe, and productive lives. As a sanctuary state since 1987, Oregon passed several statewide laws with overwhelming bipartisan support prohibiting state and local law enforcement and government from involvement in federal immigration enforcement (ORS 180.805 », ORS 181A.820 »). The Oregon Sanctuary Promise Act, 2021’s HB 3265 », reasserts this commitment and protects the safety and security of all victims, witnesses and community members.

Our Sanctuary Promise Law Enforcement Toolkit provides you with:

  • Law Enforcement Bulletin – A general overview of the new Sanctuary Promise law and law enforcement obligations and prohibitions under the new law.
  • The New Law » – A link to the full text of 2021’s Enrolled House Bill 3265.
  • FAQs – A list of Frequently Asked Questions to help guide your compliance with Oregon’s sanctuary laws, whether you’re agency leadership or out on patrol.
  • Flowchart
  • Notice to arrested and detained adults pursuant to HB 3265 – HB 3265 requires a law enforcement agency to provide notice to an individual on their arrest or commitment about their right to refuse to disclose nationality, citizenship, or immigration status information, and that disclosure may result in immigration enforcement consequences. Notice must be in writing and/or in the person’s preferred language.  We have provided this notice for you in written and audio files in X languages.
  • Suggested Language for Law Enforcement – A review of helpful language and demeanor tips to use when interfacing with victims of and witnesses in compliance with Oregon sanctuary laws.
  • Denial of Request for Information – HB 3265 requires a law enforcement agency to decline any request from a federal agency that relates to immigration enforcement, other than requests received via a judicial subpoena. This is a sample declination letter for law enforcement, jails, intake staff, and records department staff to send to the federal agency.
  • Suggested Language for MOUs, Contracts, Agreements – Here is some suggested language for your new or renewed MOUs, contracts, and agreements so federal partners are on notice that HB 3265 prohibits law enforcement agencies from entering into or renewing any agreements, contracts, MOUs, or other arrangements that authorize the agency or officer to exercise federal immigration enforcement powers, or to detain or house individuals for federal civil immigration violations or who are in the custody of a federal immigration authority.
  • Required Reporting to CJC » – For law enforcement and public bodies only!  HB 3265 requires a law enforcement agency to document any request from a federal agency that relates to immigration enforcement, and report the request and your agency’s response to the Criminal Justice Commission at least monthly. This is the link to CJC’s reporting form.
  • Printable Poster for AIC – coming soon, in multiple languages!

If you have any questions, please contact Johanna Costa, DOJ’s Sanctuary Promise Hotline Coordinator.