For Advocates

Helpful information for advocates assisting survivors with Crime Victims' Compensation (CVC).

Important Message from Crime Victims’ Compensation:

In an effort to better protect the safety and confidentiality of victims and survivors, CVC will now require you to provide the CV number in order to obtain claim information. We will no longer be able to provide these numbers when requested unless you are listed on the application as the advocate or additional contact. If you do not have the CV number you will need to reach out to the victim to obtain it. If you assisted the victim in filling out the application and are listed as the advocate then you will receive the CV number in an email once the application has been imported into our system.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Christy Simon: 

Updates from CVC

CVC is committed to removing barriers in order to be available to more victims and survivors. Some of the changes include:

  • Victims and survivors of hate or bias incidents may now access counseling benefits using the Counseling Only application.
  • Victims and survivors can now apply for CVC using their cell phones.
  • CVC no longer suspends an application if the victim has a financial obligation to the courts.


CVC understands that each County may have slightly different practices so CVC would like to work with you to improve the restitution process between our programs and help with any obstacles that you may be experiencing.
Please contact the Compensation Manager, Christy Simon, to provide feedback or information that may be helpful to CVC.

Notification of hearings: Please notify CVC on all upcoming pleas agreements or restitution/sentencing hearings as soon as they are scheduled. This is very important so that CVC can process bills that are in the claim. If a hearing is set over or cancelled, notify us as soon as possible.

Restitution request: CVC will send an updated restitution request each time a payment is made on a claim to the contact person who was provided. Please be sure to notify CVC if this information needs to be updated for your County. Providing a designated email that restitution requests can be sent to is most helpful.

Subpoena: CVC must receive a subpoena to testify in a hearing. It would be helpful to let us know if the restitution is being contested and if there is any information that we can provide prior to the hearing. Please subpoena CVC as soon as the restitution hearing is set to allow sufficient notification time.

Hearing attendance: CVC will request to attend by phone or virtually whenever it is an option.

Payment lookup: You can check the CVC portal to see if any payments have been made if you have the claim number. There may be bills in the claim that CVC has not processed, so please contact us to verify payments.

CVC will send notification: When an advocate is listed on the application and there is a court case, CVC will email the advocate to let them know when the application has been approved. This is an opportunity for the advocate to upload any bills that they have received from the victim.

Please send all communication and subpoenas to This will ensure that the appropriate staff are notified, and they will respond to your email. Just a reminder that ORS 137.103 declares the Criminal Injury Compensation Account as a victim entitled to restitution.

CVC Portal

Helpful Links

CVC Portal »

Victim Assistance Program Toolkit »

Advocate Privilege and Confidentiality Requirements »

Address Confidentiality Program» 





The CVC Portal will allow you to check the status of the application, request information from CVC, and upload documents. Please submit applications through the CVC Portal for a more efficient process.

Setting Up Your Portal Account

  1. Visit the CVC Portal registration page
  2. Use your agency email address and choose “advocate” as your role.

The Advocate Tutorial (PDF)» includes helpful information about using the CVC Portal.

Experiencing technical difficulties using the CVC Portal? Request help at

CVC Training

Need CVC training?

 All CVC trainings are web-based. You can access the trainings at your convenience. It is recommended you take the training every 2 years so that you can provide victims and survivors with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding CVC.

If you have not already done so, please complete the following two trainings:

You will need a Workday Learning account to complete these courses. When you register for the Workday trainings, please make sure you select “Department of Justice” as your affiliation. You will not have access to the CVC trainings if you select any other affiliation.
Instructions for creating your Workday Learning account »

Once you’ve completed the training, download, or print your training certificate for your records.

If you have additional questions after you complete the training, feel free to email

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For questions related to the Compensation Program, please email