Scam Alert Archive

To be notified of emerging scams, frauds and other consumer threats as they arise, please join the Oregon Scam Alert Network.

Date Scam Alert
02-13-24 Slam the Scam Day: Protect Yourself from Social Security Imposter Scams
02-13-24 Is It Love or a Lie? Watch out for Romance Scams!
01-12-24 Are You Buying a New Home or Refinancing? Please Read This First!
10-18-23 Remote Access Scam Alert: Did Someone Ask You to Download Software to Access Your Electronic Device? Don’t Fall for It!
09-19-23 Got federal student loans? Watch out for these student loan scams!
08-02-23 You’re Invited to Scam Jam in the Gorge
06-16-23 Oregon DOJ Consumer Protection Office Urges Oregonians To Be Proactive In Wake Of DMV Data Breach
06-09-23 Scammers Are Impersonating Best Buy’s Geek Squad; Here’s What You Need to Know
06-02-23 Did you receive a text or email offering you a REFUND? Don’t fall for it. It’s a scam!
05-09-23 Have you been a TurboTax customer? If so, you may be getting a check in the mail!
04-10-23 You’re Invited to Scam Jam Portland
04-07-23 Watch Out for Scams This Tax Season
03-16-23 How to Avoid the “Financial Hardship Department” Email Scam
03-07-23 DOJ’s Top Ten Consumer Complaints List of 2022
02-14-23 Romance Scams: Don’t End Up Heartbroken and Broke
11-23-22 Beware of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Scams
10-05-22 Avoid Scams Before Donating to Hurricane Ian Relief
09-22-22 Beware of Scammers Trying to Capitalize on Student Loan Forgiveness
08-23-22 Be safe from extremely devious bank imposters. They want to drain your bank account and will – if you let them!
08-17-22 Don’t Fall for This Home Warranty Scam!
07-25-22 Watch out for emails from scammers posing as computer software company, McAfee. They’re fakes!
03-08-22 DOJ’s Top Ten Consumer Complaints List of 2021
03-04-22 Take Action if You Were Impacted By the 2021 T-Mobile Data Breach
01-12-22 AG Rosenblum Encourages Oregonians to Watch Out for Suspicious Covid-19 Testing Sites
10-19-21 You’re Invited to Attorney General Rosenblum’s Elder Abuse Conference!
09-18-21 Beware of Job Scams
04-07-21 Don’t Share Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card on Social Media
03-22-21 Grandparent Scams: Now Coming to Your Front Door
03-16-21 Tele-Town Hall with AG Rosenblum and Rep. Campos
01-28-21 Throw Out The Scams (But Not Your Economic Impact Payment Debit Card)!
09-15-20 Five Ways to Avoid Wildfire Donation Scams
06-19-20 Warning! Hackers are Targeting Mobile Banking Apps
06-13-20 Watch Out for Imposter Contact Tracers! (English | Russian | Spanish)
06-10-20 Beware! Scammers Are Using Unemployment Claims To Cash In
05-11-20 Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Scams: A Tele-Town Hall with the U.S. Attorney, Oregon Attorney General and Oregon Consumer Justice | Listen to Audio Recording
04-30-20 Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is warning Oregonians about a recent flux in “sextortion” scam emails
04-28-20 Oregon Department of Justice warns against making Coronavirus “cure” claims
03-26-20 Scammers may try to steal direct payments to Americans for COVID-19 relief
03-23-20 Security Tips for Telecommuters During the COVID-19 Outbreak
03-18-20 Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum urges businesses to refund or credit cancellations due to coronavirus-related restrictions
03-09-20 Coronavirus Scammers Love Scary News
01-28-20 Data Privacy Day: AG Rosenblum Launches “Do Not Click” Campaign
01-18-20 How to Avoid Gift Card Scams
01-08-20 Don’t want your Smartphone tracking your EVERY MOVE? Here’s what to do!
12-02-19 Tips for Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday
07-18-19 Watch out for “Free” Genetic Testing Offers. They are the latest kind of Medicare fraud.
07-16-19 You’re Invited to the Coastal Scam Jam Tour!
05-17-19 Operation Stop Scams: A Free Event for Veterans and Their Families at World of Speed
05-07-19 “One Ring” Robocalling Scam Wants You to Call Back!
02-07-19 DON’T Be My Valentine!
01-28-19 How to Protect Yourself on Data Privacy Day
11-26-18 Giving Tuesday: Tips to Avoid Donation Scams this Holiday Season
11-21-18 Be Prepared for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Holiday Shopping Season!
08-24-18 Beware: Con Artists Are Using Fake Oregon Department of Justice Documents to Steal Your Money and Identity
05-31-18 Attorney General Rosenblum Issues Price Gouging Consumer Alert Following State of Emergency in Marion and Polk Counties
05-02-18 New Medicare Cards Are in the Mail and Scammers Are on the Prowl
12-29-17 Resolve Avoid Charity Scam
09-09-17 Equifax Data Breach: What You Need to Know
08-30-17 Beware of Hurricane Harvey Scams!
08-14-17 Don’t Be Blinded by an Eclipse Glasses Scam!
03-15-17 Fake News!
01-30-17 Take Action on Data Privacy!
09-23-16 Yahoo Breach? Read This!
06-10-16 Ransomware Alert!
04-08-16 Beware of an Email Phishing Tax Scam from “The Boss”
12-18-15 Wise Giving: A New Holiday Tradition!
12-10-15 Put Down the Remote and Read This! You May be Entitled to Money!
10-08-15 Experian Breach Exposes T-Mobile Customers: What You Need to Know
09-23-15 You’re Invited to Scam Jam Bend!
06-23-15 AG Rosenblum Runs Nationwide Magazine Subscription Scam Out of Business; Settles Lawsuit for $3 Million
06-01-15 Hackers Target IRS Website — 4 Tips to Keep You Safe
05-15-15 Hackers Targeting Starbucks Mobile Users
04-22-15 You’re Invited to Scam Jam Eugene!
03-02-15 Attorney General Rosenblum Announces Top 10 Consumer Complaints List
11-14-14 Beware of Phone Scam Targeting Utility Customers
10-27-14 Oregon Attorney General and Sec. of State Announce Settlement to Protect Businesses from Deceptive Mailings
10-10-14 10 Ways to Avoid Moving Scams
04-30-14 Hit Delete on this Phony Email from “Ellen F. Rosenblum”
04-08-14 Hang Up on Fake Tax Collectors!
01-16-14 Watch Out for Phony Donors!
01-13-14 Watch Out for Counterfeit Ticket Scams
11-25-13 10 Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping
10-28-13 Hang Up On Credit Card Imposters!
10-01-13 You’re Invited to the Scam Jam!
09-12-13 Do you know how to distinguish a scammer from the real Cover Oregon?
09-05-13 Oregon Attorney General Notifies Consumers of MoneyGram Refunds
08-22-13 Watch Out for Medical Card Scams
08-08-13 Locked Out? Don’t Fall for this Locksmith Scam!
07-17-13 The Enemy At Home: Military Consumer Protection Day Calls Out Financial Threats To Service Members, Veterans, and their Families
06-11-13 DOJ’s Charity Legislation Passed, Eliminates Tax Deduction for Donors to Rogue Charities
05-29-13 Hang Up On Medical Alert Imposters!
05-28-13 5 Tips to Avoid a Timeshare Resale Scam
05-15-13 Phishing Scam
05-14-13 6 Signs It’s a Travel Scam
04-22-13 Door-to-Door Sales Spring Into Action!
04-16-13 Attorney General Urges Caution on Marathon Bombing Appeals
04-09-13 Beware: Internet Love Scam!
04-04-13 Watch Out! The Text Message Scam is Back!
03-27-13 Beware of Con Artists Impersonating Police Officers!
03-07-13 Grandparent Scam Alert
11-20-12 Holiday Online Shopping Warning
05-31-12 Watch Out For Bogus Text Messages
04-02-12 Bogus Tax Prep
01-19-12 Fake Foreclosure Review Offers
12-21-11 Card Services
11-22-11 Black Friday Survival Tips
08-29-11 Wells Fargo Phishing Scam
07-27-11 Green Dot Sweepstakes Scam
07-06-11 Computer Unsecurity
06-14-11 Fake FBI Emails
05-03-11 Fake Osama Bin Laden Footage
04-13-11 Fake Telemarketers Targeting Oregon Businesses
04-06-11 Epsilon Data Breach
03-15-11 Japan Disaster Relief And Video Footage
03-01-11 Smartraiser
02-10-11 Bogus Travel Emergency
02-03-11 Fake Debt Collectors
12-21-10 ‘Tis The Season For Scams?
12-10-10 Fake BCS Tickets And Travel Packages
10-06-10 Fashion Model Rip-Off
08-31-10 Timeshare Nightmare
08-13-10 Door-To-Door Magazine Scam
06-18-10 Beware Bogus Sweepstakes Letters
06-11-10 Con Artists Taking Advantage Of Medicare Rebate
03-18-10 Free Puppies
03-08-10 Phishing In Central Oregon
02-11-10 Don’t Fall For The V-Day Sweetheart Scam
01-25-10 Attorney General Kroger Warns Of Tax Preparer Scams
01-13-10 Watch Out For Haiti Earthquake Scams
01-06-10 Attorney General Kroger Warns Of Health Product Scams
11-25-09 Be Alert For Fake Civil War Tickets
11-23-09 Tips For Wise Internet Holiday Shopping
11-02-09 Grandparent Phone Scam On The Rise
10-14-09 Fake U.S. Census Scam
09-21-09 Fake IRS Stimulus Checks